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We're the place where you can wash your dog yourself!

About the Dog Wash

We have an attractive, clean and functional facility with elevated tubs where your dog is tethered. This allows you to use both hands and eliminates back strain. We know how difficult it is to bathe a dog at home-it's torture on your back, the dog won't sit still, and the bathroom is covered in water and dog hair. And to celebrate the end, Fido runs around the house 90 miles an hour drying off on the furniture. If this scenario sounds familiar, check us out.

We outfit you with a rubber smock; provide shampoo and conditioner, grooming tools, towel, and a forced air blow dryer. We do the cleaning. You're welcome to clip your dog at one of the grooming stations, however we ask that you bring your own clippers or purchase them at the store as they are not available for use.

No appointment is necessary. Tubs are available on a first come, first serve basis. Weekends are busy and you can usually expect a short wait. If you would rather avoid the crowd, come in on a weekday.

Cost is based on the weight of your dog and the length or type of the dog's coat. At the bottom of the scale we start with 5lb close coated dogs (i.e. Chihuahua) at $11 and at the top we have 150lb double coated dogs (i.e. Akita) at $20. Everyone else falls somewhere in between.