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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions For Training

What are the Requirements for attending class?

  • Your dog must be at least 16 weeks old and be fully immunized. Puppies younger than four months are not physically or mentally ready for this class, please inquire about our Puppy Primer class.
  • Full payment is required prior to registering anyone and their dog into an available class.
  • There are no refunds.
  • Dogs and their owner's must be free from injury in order to safely perform the physical tasks required in this class.
  • Please inform us if your dog is going to be spayed or neutered during the course of a class.
  • Dogs which are aggressive towards people or other animals will not be accepted into this beginning training class. Please inquire about our Problem Aggession classes.
  • Dogs can, at times, be unpredictable, so for the safety of your dog and others attending class keep all animals separated and under control.
  • Highland Pet Supply is not responsible for any injuries incurred by dogs or owner while attending class on the premises of 1186 N. Highland Ave. Atlanta ,Ga.,or other grounds where training instruction might take place. Highland Pet Supply will not be held responsible for any injuries that might occur to dogs, owners or other parties during any practice sessions out side of class.


What is my dog going to learn in class?

You will learn an understanding of canine behavior and how dogs learn. Regardless of breed, size, conduct or character, dogs share instincts, motivations and needs, understanding these will help you to gain control of your dog. You'll be taught how to read your dog and anticipate it's actions, how to increase your dog's attentiveness towards you around distractions, and what it takes to be your dog's leader. You'll learn how to extinguish any unwanted behaviors, like destructive chewing, jumping up, pulling on the leash, crashing doors, and bolting.

How to train! We'll explain what goes into the shaping process, so you can, successfully teach your dog whatever you want it to learn. Simply decide what behaviors suit your lifestyle. We'll show you techniques, so you can teach your dog to reliably sit, stay, down, heel, fetch and come to you when called. Ultimately, our goal is to teach you how to teach and how to have a great relationship with your dog.


Is my dog too old? Too young? Too hyper?

A dog is never too old to learn new things. The brain doesn’t automatically lose it’s capacity to process information at a certain age. A good analogy is can your grandfather learn something new? Of course he can. Learning is ubiquitous.

Any dog four months or older is old enough for the group class and understand that dogs begin learning at birth so it’s never too early to begin your training. From the womb there are consequences to actions. For dogs under the required age for the group classes we offer puppy primers.

Lastly, many feel their dog is too hyper for the group class. If you feel this way you are not alone. We immediately begin to show you how to strengthen calmness.


Can we stop unwanted behaviors like peeing in the house? Chewing? And other destructive behaviors?

Indeed, with an understanding and an execution of the sound principles that you will learn in this class, you can stop any unwanted behavior you would like.


Can this class help with hyperactivity? Over exuberance? Being timid? Being aggressive? Phobias? Like fear of the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, our class is designed to teach the dog owner an understanding of how the problem started in the first place and how to begin modifying the problem.


What if my dog already knows how to sit? Stay? Come? Heel?

We will help you to raise your standards such as sitting around distractions and sittting reliably and quickly in emergency situations. And by gaining an understanding of dog behavior you will gain an understanding of why your dog might refuse to sit in certain situations.


What if I have more than one dog?

We recommend you bring one dog to class and take home your education and apply what you’ve learned to all the animals in the house, including cats, kids and spouses.

In addition we as multiple dog owners ourselves will offer advice on what to expect in terms of multiple dog ownership and considerations you will need to make in your signaling.

We charge per dog however if you want to have both dogs in class we welcome you provided there is a second handler.


What if I've had training elsewhere?

If you can't stop unwanted behaviors or shape behaviors then you did not get the kind of education we offer. If your dog elicits behavior you do not understand or understand how to modify you would greatly benefit from our class. If you're happy with your dogs behavior but want to learn more, we can make you a better trainer and teach you exactly why you've been successful. The course is an intensive study of behavioral science applied to dogs.


How many people can attend the class with the dog?

Two provided that they live with the dog.


Can I bring my child?

This is adult education and we find that the lectures are long and late for a young child with little patience. Children ten years and up and teenagers seem to do well, enjoy the class and make excellent dog trainers.


What techniques are used?

We use operant principles and concepts and their applications relevant to modifying canine behavior. We do not use a single technique, for there are innumerable techniques for affecting any behavior. We stay focused on the physical and mental welfare of the dog, as the techniques we use in class will prove. We have a responsibility to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners. Our techniques are designed to do this

We teach the science of behaviorism which includes both positive and negative reinforcements. You will first be taught what these reinforcements are and then be taught where and when to apply them in order to modify behavior.


How long does the class last?

The lecture is approximately 2 hours but due to questions interjected throughout the class we will often go until 9 pm.


What if my dog’s attention span isn't that long?

We will not be putting you or your dog through drills for a full 2 hours. It’s a time to teach your dog to remain calm and at your feet for a long duration in the midst of distractions. We are here to help you reinforce calmess by helping you teach your dog to remain relaxed in a stimulating environment. We feel this mimics time spent at home; the time spent watching a movie, working on the computer, figure your taxes, making and eating dinner; the time when you would enjoy your dog’s company when he's or she's in a relaxed state.


What if my dog is aggressive?

Any dog that is a serious danger to other dogs or people will not be permitted in the group class. However, the majority of our students who feel that their dogs are too aggressive, we find the aggression is not as bad as it appears and adjust well in the class situation. Occassionally we get a dog who has never shown aggression and will act out aggressively during the class. Our methods of dealing with aggression are effective and no nonsense. And our methods are better than the alternative - euthanasia. We ask that you consult with highland pet supply. Usually a phone interview will allow us to evaluate your dog’s aggression and determine whether it is suitable to begin in a group class. If at that timewe feel your dog is not suitable for the group class we do reserve individual training lessons for these cases. Often after some individual instruction these dogs are soon adjusted well enough to be permitted in class. We often find that these animals flooded with other dogs and people can be taught to be more social.


What are we required to bring?

Your dog. Have it wearing a secure collar with current rabies vaccination (if over 6 months old), identification tag and a six foot leash. You may use nylon or cotton, but we highly recommend leather. After the first class you will need a 15 foot leash and a properly fitting training collar. We have all of this training equipment available at both the retail store and the training center.

If you're unsure about 15 foot leash widths or the fit of the chain please stop by and we can help you get what you need. Do please note that retractable leads cannot be used for the long leash.


What do we get out of class?

You will learn how to teach your dog what you need or want it to do for you. You will learn how to solve your unwanted behavioral problems. Basically, you will learn how to train. You will receive a book, and each week you will also receive class notes outlining the techniques used in that evening's lesson. During the course of the class we will hand out some other relevant training equipment.

We do cover the traditional obedience commands and although they are practical and a good way to communicate with your dog, this class is more about your daily life with your dog, not just SIT, STAY, COME, DOWN.

In a lecture forum you will be able to listen, ask questions and observe the changes being made in your dog's behavior. We've designed a class that will be beneficial to both you and your dog.


Do we need to take notes in class?

Like any schooling it certainly can’t hurt-we do give classnotes. Most people can easily understand and retain the information with the lecture and demonstrations.


Why should we train?

Training enables you to stop unwanted behavior, provides physical and mental stimulation, and promotes cooperative behavior. Training goes on all the time but much of it is accidental and unwanted. We teach how to utilize the principles of teaching and learning so that your dog training is purposeful not accidental.



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